Commuter crowds at Bukit Batok / Photo: TL's post on Twitter

Unexplained train breakdown along the EWL on Wednesday morning

Commuters along the East West Line experienced a train breakdown on Wednesday (21 Nov) morning; While tweets from passengers informed about the delay, there were no specific fault explained. SMRT did not make any official announcement and it seemed there were no station nor train announcement either.

TL posted a tweet at 8:49am that he was stuck at Bukit Batok and asked why there was no update:

And he shared a photo showing the crowds at the station, mentioning a 20 minutes delay:

Other commuters also posted their tweets about the train delay on the Twitter platform:

Kyros Koh shared several photos showing the situation and crowds at the Bukit Gombak Station. He wrote that passengers were forced to alight:

Is Wong was on the train towards Boon Lay and diverted to Bukit Batok without any announcement:

Other tweets kept coming from the digruntled passengers:

Gadar Soe witnessed a pile up at the end of escalator and near-miss accident at Bukit Gombak:

There was no explanation from SMRT and commuters also ceased to post their information and complains about the breakdown after 9:35am.