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PSD fault at Kranji Station results in train service disruption along NSL on Thursday afternoon

A train service disruption along the North South Line (NSL) occurred again on Thursday (11 Oct) afternoon about 3pm.

No official explanation from SMRT was given on the incident but posts on social media platforms informed that the delay was caused by Platform Screen Doors (PSD) failure at Kranji.

Commuters posted their complains and annoyance on the Twitter platform since about 3am:

Daniel complained the lack of online announcement from SMRT:

And Kirby Chua was irritated by the inconsistency of the time delay informed by the station:

Nearly 6pm, Alan Charles Yap shared a video on TATA SMRT Facebook Platform showing the fault was still ongoing, and he gave a detailed information about what happened on Kranji Station:

Alan Charles Yap wrote at 5:48pm:

“Reporting live from Kranji Station. Southbound platform PSD fault is still ongoing and several SMRT engineers, service ambassadors and management staff are at scene to manage the situation.

Trains will be entering and departing the platform at a very slow speed. Some of the PSDs are isolated.

Staffs will be manning at the isolated PSDs to prevent people from going near them.

Do factor additional travel time to your commute on the southbound service of NSL from Jurong East towards AMK/Marina South Pier.

Northbound services towards JUR is not affected.”

Oddly, there were no other posts from passengers about the delay after that on social media platforms, nor from SMRT.