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Recent data from KAYAK indicates that 64% of AsiaPacific travellers opt to visit new destinations when they travel. Are you with the majority? If not, before going for the same snacks you’ve tasted at a night market in Taipei or having sushi in Tokyo again, perhaps it’s time to visit some less-talked-about destinations before everybody else catches on. Now is your chance to impress your friends by visiting a new, trendy destination and posting all about it on social media.

KAYAK (, a leading travel search engine, has analysed millions of travel searches to find the next 10 rising destinations for Singaporean travellers in its 2018 “BetterNow-Than-Later” Travel Report.

Through the report, KAYAK hopes to help travellers discover new places outside of the usual top-searched destinations, and focus on the holiday hotspots with the greatest increase in interest amongst regional travellers.

Whey Han Tan, Regional Manager, Southeast Asia of KAYAK, comments, “Big cities are magnets to tourists but there are many other destinations that merit a visit. KAYAK looked through its travel data and created this report to encourage travellers to visit some other, less talked-about destinations that are currently trending. From this year’s results, we see more Singaporean travellers are shifting from long-haul travelling to visiting nearer destinations, and to discover closer cities in Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.”

The report shows that Bandung, ranked 48th this year (up 16 places), has gained great popularity among Singaporean travellers. The Indonesian city earned itself the first place on the list of up and coming destinations, with the highest year-on-year growth of 100%, followed by Phnom Penh (+85% year-on-year) and Da Nang (+81% year-on-year).

Other destinations where interest is rising include Yogyakarta, Luzon Islands and Brisbane, in line with a larger regional trend towards visiting so-called ‘second-tier cities’ – destinations that we may hear from time to time but are not yet overly popular on social media.

The next 10 destinations to visit for Singaporean travellers

Whey Han further noted, “We see there is a rise in low-cost carriers introducing different flight routes, and with the shift of interest among Singaporeans, smaller cities are starting to become more popular among Singaporeans, meaning that travellers are gravitating towards more authentic culture experience. At KAYAK, we want travellers to feel confident they’ve found the best deal for their specific needs. With our Explore tool, users can easily find their next destinations based on their budget, travel period, weather preferences, and other preferences.”

Apart from Singapore, the report also analysed search behaviour for travellers from the other 11 markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Trending destinations around the region include Vladivostok, Kaohsiung, Busan, Chiang Mai and Krabi, some of which are already familiar favourites to Singapore travellers.

To learn more about these destinations, KAYAK has a few travel tips and suggestions to help you plan your trip – click here to check out the KAYAK blog:

Up and coming across Asia-Pacific: the next 10 destinations to visit before the crowds

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