by Liew Yeng Chee

Referring to the ST report (5 Sept 2018), ‘Wrong to say buyers don’t own flats: Lawrence Wong‘, I agree with the minister to debate this issue based on facts. One thing I would like to bring out is the fact that though there’s a chance for an HDB flat to be redeveloped under the SERS or the newly mooted VERS program or be upgraded under other programs. These are absolutely under the mercy of government or rather the PAP.

It has been demonstrated in the past, these improvement programs are carried out on People’s Action Party held constituencies. And the reason given by the government is there are limited resources available for the programs, and the government has deemed it fit to base the priority on election results.

I, like many other Singaporeans, feel that this is so unfair, as all Singaporeans pay their taxes equally according to their incomes, why then are the government’s benefits not distributed in a politically blind manner?

Using the tax payers’ money to influence the election result is not what the government should do. I hope the government can discern what’s tax payers’ money and what’s party fund and rectify this glaringly unfair situation.

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