Platform of Pasir Ris MRT Station / Photo: WIkipedia

The train service along the East West Line (EWL) was reported to have been disrupted by commuters on Friday (24 Aug) evening which is said to be caused by a train fault at Pasir Ris station; SMRT has yet to announce the breakdown officially.

A commuter, Sherry Tan informed on TATA SMRT Facebook platform that the train service was delayed for 10 minutes at 6:25pm and it was due to track fault – announced via public announcement system in the station:

Sherry Tan wrote at 6:26pm: “Time 6.25pm : Additional 10 mins from Tanah Merah to Pasir Ris due to track fault.”

Sherry Tan wrote at 6:34pm: “Announced via pa system in station.”

On the same Facebook platform, other commuters also informed about the delay:

Wayne Chew posted at 6:40pm: “Train fault near Pasir Ris. Add 15 mins between Tanah Merah-Pasir Ris.”

John Robert Lee shared a post from MRT Singapore Service Information at 6:41pm, he wrote: “Faulty train at Pasir Ris, causing EWL Service to tailback all the way to Tanah Merah. +10 mins of travelling time expected.”

Passengers also questioned and complained about the crawling train service on Twitter; Apparently, announcements were not made on all affected trains and stations when the trains started to slow down along EWL – hence the confusion of the fault:

Tan Guan Hong tweeted that it was not 10 minutes additional travel time but 10 minutes for every stop:

A commuter wrote an answer to MRT Singapore Service Information that the delay was not only between Tanah Merah and Pasir Ris, but for all stations going East:

And other tweets from commuters were posted in accordance with the earlier ones:

At 7:03pm the train was still reported to be disrupted – although apparently there was an announcement earlier that the fault at Pasir Ris was cleared – confusing the passengers:

At 7:38pm Joepan wrote that it took an hour from Outram to Pasir Ris:

And another commuter tweeted it took 25 minutes from Simei to Pasir Ris:

Until after 8pm tweets were still being posted that the delays were still ongoing:

Throughout the delay time SMRT did not announce official information on the breakdown.

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