by Willy Sum

I am a little surprised over Land Transport Authority’s ‘disappointment’ (LTA disappointed in oBike’s failure to return users’ deposit in light of Singapore exit) despite having done nothing much to secure commuters’ deposits but I am certain they know for sure OUR OWN disappointment in them though Edwin Tong tries hard to mask it and shamelessly insisting “overall trust” in his party remains “high”?

Here is this saying which goes: “Never correct your enemy when he is doing something wrong” will surely help us for the next election in getting rid of incumbent Members of Parliament who remain in their ivory tower and hear nothing, speak not while hoping their propagandist machinery will continue to see them through the next poll!

This chess pushing game that both LTA and CASE are currently playing with the people is not new and will checkmate in time, similar to the “Boss S’pore Pte Ltd” and “Cellos” cheating cases that the Police and MAS refuses to take action, preferring instead for the victims to forget and move on with the massive losses of their life savings.

These foreign ‘investors’ and ‘entrepreneurs’ are too smart for our daft civil servants. Based on what has transpired over the past weeks, it might appear to consumers who have their deposit stuck with the company that all three Chinese directors are only buying time so that their illicit gains through incorporation in S’pore will not face immediate sanctions of the law before siphoning it out. Now, compare this with the prompt actions of the Mahathir-led government which took immediate steps to bar the suspects from fleeing the country, freezing the accounts of the perpetrators as well as winning the charm offensive overseas to secure extradition of those wanted in conjunction with the 1MDB and Altantuyaa murder sagas.

What I cannot understand is, why the middle ground here keeps endorsing policies which pit us against the likes of foreigners who have no interest in S’pore at all, only to treat it as a 5 star hotel to make money from? We have witnessed time and again, the ills of the “foreign talent” and development at all costs policies to the detriment of the social fabric. An example is recent increases in the frequency of angst and outburst in public with Indranee Rajah being the latest “casualty” and probably more to come. People’s Association Grassroots are also leaving in greater numbers than before, frustrated at the inability to assist the people with apathetic MPs like Lee Yi Shyan and Edwin Tong around. Those who did battle with Tin Pei Ling in Macpherson are almost all gone even though the WP has not frequented the area much after GE 2015.

Middle Eastern visitors who arrive on student or social visit passes are also allowed to work at their compatriots’ stalls in Bussorah St, so the incentive to hire Singaporeans is even lesser as the endless inflow of these people provides cheap labour at no extra costs.

There is an ever more urgent need to deny the People’s Action Party of their two-thirds majority at the next election as structural injustices usually begins with a free hand to amend the Constitution and bulldoze in whomever the rulers like who secure their interests. Such a system is surely not in citizens’ favour and will lead to corruption with time. As the wise Buddha once said, you are the master of your own destiny so you cannot blame anyone if the Country collapses in future, literally in your own hands!

*A SDP MP is better than 10!


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