Presidential candidates must be willing to check abuse of power and vet appointment of judicial officers

Presidential candidates must be willing to check abuse of power and vet appointment of judicial officers

By Yap Jin Ming

I feel there are 4 hot pressing issues that the aspiring candidates must address, in order to truly unify the people or end up like the lameduck previous President who is not remembered for anything.

1. Social inequality and dilution of the Singaporean core, with the relentless move to increase immigration from third countries. We last knew in 2013 that the S’pore core stood at 58% to 42% foreigners but we are unsure what the percentage is now after the PAP won an uncontrolled landslide in 2015.

2. The accusations of abuses of power and unchecked authority which the PMO wields through the control of the ED, CPIB and PSD. The President, who forms the Legislature with Parliament has a moral duty to check on the government if it has gone berserk, something which Parliament intended when it passed the Presidential Elections Act back in the 80s. (Many of LKY’s intentions were ceded by the “dishonourable” son)

3. Careful vetting of the process of appointing Judicial officers to ensure their integrity and independence, something which current judgements made are not well-received by the public with the undue dismissal of Dr TCB’s petition and the persecution of Mr Lee Shengwu. Proper explanations were not given when DAG Hri Kumar could not answer many of the Judges’ own questions and why Mr Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling were not prosecuted for making wild allegations against the PM

4. The out of reach justice system for the squeezed middle incomers who simply cannot afford to fight large conglomerates such as “First Capital Insurance”, “Liberty Insurance”, “AXA” etc. which have benefitted greatly from the pro-business policies of the PAP and are now utilising their large financial gains to delay court proceedings brought against them by injured victims seeking medical compensation for treatment. I know of an ongoing case where the Assessment of Damages has been delayed for 7 years and is still being delayed further due to a dispute over CGH’s doctors’ reports by the defence and the victim is unable to get the doctors to testify on her behalf as many of them have left public service and will not attend if their hefty fees are not met. CGH medical reports will be thrown out by the judge should the doctors continue not to turn up! So the Oath of “upholding justice” and “saving lives” are all just lip service as suggested by former MP Ho Geok Choo

Hope all voters will think hard of what kind of life they want for their offspring. The kind of President and MPs voted in will determine just that!

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