The gloomy prospects of Singapore in hands of untested elites

by Sum Wee Lee

I refer to recent online postings such as these: Nurul Story & Yusyairah Yusreen appealing public help for countless displaced families in our supposed First World Country!

While I am happy that many have risen to the occasion to unconditionally render aid to these families who have clearly fallen through the cracks, I am also extremely disgusted at some supporters of the current unbalanced system who have poured scorn at the plight of these unfortunate families and spur their odor in the process.
Some comments have bordered on racism even! Have they conveniently forgotten what they’ve learned that the measure of success of a country is in how their minorities are cared for?
Now, I am really starting to wonder if we are indeed a First World Country, given the ugly characteristic of these apathetic people that our often touted first class education system has produced who are only concerned about over developing the economy at the expense of the lower and lower-middle class whose income gaps is set to increase!
We have unjustified land hiking prices sold to developers including the Housing Development Board whose supposed mission was to provide “affordable” homes for our next generation who increasingly marry late or do not wish to start families at all due to the high costs involved.

We have a Manpower Minister who does not wish to implement a long overdue minimum wage or unemployment insurance comparable to other developed nations of our size like Liechtenstein and Monaco whose citizens enjoy a truly Swiss Standard of Living.

The current pace the government is embarking on was actually the original state in pre-2011 General Election (GE). which caused them the seat of Aljunied. Ironically, they are “returning” to that situation as they thought citizens have given them the massive “mandate” to do so in 2015 which they want to forget, was actually for the late Lee Kuan Yew and other founding fathers whom we enormously respect. As the memory of Lee fades into yesteryear, the gloomy prospects of navigating the country in the hands of the present untested elites is proving fatal for the electorate with a series of policy miscalculation, missteps and wrongful promotion.
How this will play out until G.E. 2020 will largely depend on the cultivation of our leaders and the people who “entrusted” them as well our karma so to speak as propagated by the late Venerable Hong Chuan!
May all beings be well and happy!