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80-yr-old wheelchair bound man accused of motorcycle theft by Singapore Police

A reader, Alice (not her real name) wrote in to The Online Citizen to highlight a hilarious incident on the morning of 17 January regarding her wheelchair-bound father, who was then accused of being involved in a case of motorcycle theft by police officers from the Singapore Police Force.

She recalls the incident which took place at her residence located at Mayflower Terrace,

“The newspaper delivery man asked my dad, who is an 80 year old senior citizen and wheelchair bound from a stroke, if he could put a motorbike in our front yard. My dad said okay.

Later, three Singapore Police Force officers came. According to my dad, they accused him of stealing the motorbike. I thought I had heard it all wrong because I asked several times in bewilderment that surely the three Singapore Police Force officers could see that he is wheelchair bound with lower limb muscle wasting from inactivity.

My dad said the Singapore Police officers even wanted him to go to the Police Station to make a statement but my dad told them to go to hell since it is difficult for him.

The three Singapore Police Officers and later, an investigating officer then left the house with the motorbike. I saw a parked nice “Crime Scene Investigation” white van. And the standard white Singapore Police Car. Fancy!

Although the whole scene looked professional down to the Singapore Police officers’ attire, it is a ludicrous situation in that the Police officers were blind to assess a simple situation that could accumulate to a harassment charge on a senior citizen.

I find it laughable that our tax dollars are paying for police officers that are not able to assess a situation and handle it appropriately. Why in the world would my dad put in plain sight of everyone a stolen motorbike?

In fact, he is not capable of pushing himself on a wheelchair up a slope at the gate and yet, he can push a motorbike? For sure, it made me smile the whole day.

Alice did not take pictures of the incident as it was at about 7am in the morning and the family was still in bed except for her dad, and her mom who had gone to the market.

She was informed by her father of what happened at 7.30am when she was able to go for work. When she left the house, the 3 policemen and their IO were outside, near her neighbour’s house with the police car parked there and the van parked opposite.

The Online Citizen wrote to Singapore Police Force (SPF) on the same day to enquire about the incident, but two months after, SPF has yet given a reply on the matter.

Alice replied to TOC in a follow up query, Lol. “If the police do reply, they are brave. It is terribly embarrassing for them, in my opinion. I am still laughing at the idiocy of the incident. Better than dumb and dumber. Lol.”

In SPF’s reply on 17 March, it wrote,

“The Police would like­ to clarify that the ­allegations against t­he Police officers in­ the article are unfo­unded. On 17 January ­2017, the Police offi­cers had responded to­ a case of motor vehi­cle theft at Mayflowe­r Terrace. They inter­viewed a wheelchair b­ound man at his home ­as part of the investigations. He was neve­r accused of being in­volved in any motor vehicle theft, nor was­ he asked to provide ­a statement at the Po­lice station.”