AVA – Please be more professional!

by Georgia Tong

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has forgotten that one of their missions is to 'safeguard the welfare of animals'. They go around spreading fear of bird flu as an excuse for their mistake in culling the red jungle fowls.

In AVA's Tues (14 Feb 17) reply in Today newspaper under 'Voices', AVA avoided the use of the sensitive word 'fowl'. They think the public suffer from dementia and they can fool everyone that all killed are chickens.

AVA's professionalism is questionable when they lie and misquote Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and other reports to justify culling of free roaming birds. Now there are always enlightened members of public to expose AVA lies.

AVA is put to shame by public reply in Voices, "Experts don’t recommend culling of wild birds" (Thur 16 Feb 17) on Today newspaper publication which exposes AVA's falsehood.

We still remember how AVA go about putting down stray cats during SARS when civet cat was at first suspected of being the source of SARS. Civet cats though later were found not to be the culprit however the damage done by AVA is lasting.

Many strays which were sterilized and had caregivers looking after them were killed for nothing. Besides, civet cat is not even a cat in the first place. Civet cat which is a protected species forever associated with SARS. This is only one of the many incidents which highlight that AVA cannot be trusted to behalf professionally.

AVA should admit and correct their mistakes instead of trying to save face and continue with their lies and falsehoods!

This entry was posted in Letters.
This entry was posted in Letters.