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Singaporean teen titled World’s Fastest Flyer, taking two Golds and one Silver at Windoor Wind Games

Singapore’s  indoor skydiver Kyra Poh made another success in Spain where she won two gold medals at the 2017 Windoor Wind Games last week.

And together with three other legends in the indoor skydiving world, putting a scratch team ‘Frends4eva’ at the last minute in 4speed category, they also managed to take the Silver medal.

The 14-year-old teenager scored 361.217 points at the two-day competition held from 3 to 4 Feb, ahead of Jakub Harrer of Czech Republic (349.033) and Maja Kuczynska of Poland (340.751), winning the solo freestyle event where 10 competitors have taken part of.

Kyra had to perform two compulsory and one free routines in the event, where she got her scores from a panel of judges who made appraisals based on rhythm, expression, degree of difficulty of the moves, variety of orientations shown and moves performed without loss of balance.

In the speed competition, each participant had to perform a routine composed of a number of mandatory sequences and random sequences, where she clocked a total of 237.420sec over eight rounds. She defeated the other 10 competitors, second winner was Cesar Rico of Spain (243.547) and  third winner was Jamie Arnold of Britain (257.164).

The video of Kyra’s latest success was posted on iFly Singapore Facebook. The post praised Kyra: “Amazing Kyra has not only won the freestyle category, she has also taken over the title of ‘World's Fastest Flyer’, winning the SoloSpeed category, and topping almost every round!”

Last October, she had also won a gold medal in the junior freestyle category of the 2016 Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) World Cup of  Indoor Skydiving on Saturday (Oct 15) in Warsaw, Poland.

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This entry was posted in Sports.