How inconvenient is Singapore’s public transportation system

How inconvenient is Singapore’s public transportation system

By Niwde Weis

I have never found the Singapore public transport system convenient.

MRT and buses simply refuse to compete along the same route. This does not happen in any other country I have been to.

Other than being totally held ransom by the system, there is also too much walking from one point to another to change transport .

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There is also this annoying carving of duties between the MRT ticket seller and the control tower – you queue up to resolve a problem with the uniformed staff only to be told to go queue somewhere else.

More annoying still, not every train station has a ticketing office to sell you Ezlink cards – check out Kovan. To top it off, the ticket seller goes for her lunch break without anyone standing in. I repeat in case anyone else is as incredulous as I was: people travel during lunch time and the ticket seller got the cheek to goes for her own lunch break and close the office….

Does anyone notice they used the slowest chip in the ticketing machine? You wait long long before it issues the ticket and wait long long for it to spit your change at you.

Am I the only one to notice the NEL stations are very dim, almost like they take out every other lighting to save electricity?

In no other country have I seen the stations, bus stops, trains, buses and taxis so over plastered with advertisement. The advertisement block the view and make the whole country so ugly. There ought to be a law against it.

But who cares, right?

Actually I rather they simply tell us they need the money desperately and have to confiscate our CPF instead of coming up with all these tricks, so we can get on with life and be done with these poor standards.

This post was first published as a Facebook post on TOC

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