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Rebecca Lim’s ‘retiring’ semantics and the ethics of advertising (Feb 16)

Could we be clear? The ethical standard for advertising is really quite low vis-a-vis assumption of puffery.
The real issue is that it was advertising cloaked in a tunic of public relations; PR has significantly higher ethical standards because it involves honest spokespeople or independent journalism. It’s this standard for which most of us feel most offended by because we were violated when trust in Rebecca was found misplaced.
– Jonathan Ho

Who demanded “Unlimited Changes” for design in its tender documents (Feb 16)

‘Unlimited changes’ is actually a very common clause in these sort of documents and has been for years. While we can point to this as being an unfair term set by the client, the ‘design companies’ willing to accept it actually feed this behavior from the clients and are equally responsible. For every design company that takes pride in its work and will not accept ‘unlimited changes’, there will be ‘design companies’ that are more than willing to accept it. Most times, clients are oblivious to this.
– Dave Chen

Hedging in Wonderland: The politics of persuading the PAP (Feb, 18)

The Singapore Police Force rely too much on confession to get the accused convicted. They should do more leg work to gather evidence to charge the accused. As a first step forward the interrogation should be video taped. In case of any accusation of under hand tactics the police can always show in court the method they used. This will be fair to the police and the accused.
– Lim Boon Tan

The Non-Constituency MP scheme: A Frankenstein story (Feb, 19)

In summary:
1968 to 1980 PAP won all seats – no changes to election laws.
1981 WP won Anson – NCMP scheme devised.
1984 WP SDP each won a seat – GRC devised, TCs set up.
1991 opposition won 4 seats – GRCs started expanding.
1997, 2001, 2006 PAP did well – no changes introduced.
Before 2011 possibility of losing GRC -NCMPs expanded to 9, GRCs started shrinking again.
2011 Tan Cheng Bock nearly won PE – tweak PE criteria.
2015 failed to win back Aljunied, GRC scheme possibly backfired on PAP – NCMPs increase to 12 and GRCs to shrink further.
It’s all just a coincidence.
– JH Melvin

SMRT breaks down, then lies: The new normal? (Feb, 20)

Exactly the point. The lies. People had the opportunity to look for alternative means or simply stay in town longer to avoid the situation but SMRT keeps downplaying the situation. Despicable.
– Lee Chiew Yeong

“Don’t complain ok. We are still better than San fransico, london and some said hong kong and Tokyo. You all frog in the well nv live that long enough. Appreciate what we have. Breakdown once 2 weeks you all make noise.” That is what I get from snobbish people. Mostly from rich family who don’t understand the mentality of those people who squeeze MRT bus everyday since young. No sympathy to people at all. But complaining don’t do any good anyway. So stop complaining.
– Raymond Lim

“We Are Mahjulah” nothing more than emotionally-charged propaganda (Feb, 20)

Glue? What glue?? The only thing that is breaking the glue we used to have is money! Everyone is trying hard to stay alive and to make ends meet every single day on this island. Mahjulah? The only thing that is mahjulah-ing is the cost of living and medications costs! How do you expect its people to mahjulah when themselves cannot even mahjulah together with cost of living and keeping their jobs secured?? What load of brainwashing crap!
– Mun Chee Hong

I don’t understand why this boy is being bashed for wanting to get Singaporeans engaged in an instinctive show of solidarity with one another.
It’s obviously not meant for deep cerebral engagement. It’s also obviously meant to be the kind of gesture that starts at the surface but over time takes root and alloys with feeling to become more meaningful.
I think the people bashing him for not having created a cerebral exercise are probably irritated that anyone has the temerity to challenge their cultivated and diligently nourished (cerebral) cynicism about the country, and to engage Singaporeans in a way that, if successful, will reduce cynicism.
I think these same people are an echo chamber that is happy to bag the govt and the country, and it upsets their worldview when people reach for hopefulness instead of disdain and disengagement.
– Harveen Narulla

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