By Tan Tiong Ghee

A month ago, I shared this article regarding a bad experience I had with SIA,

The SIA spokesperson’s response was “We did provide a credit of KrisFlyer miles and offered to provide a gift voucher as a gesture of goodwill, in recognition of Mr Tan’s support for Singapore Airlines”.

To set the record straight, I refused to accept the $100 Krisshop voucher offered by SIA and 5000 miles had been transferred to my account without my approval/acceptance. I had asked Mr John Ng (from SIA) to take the 5000 miles back. I would also like to highlight that I have not receive any replies from either Mr John Ng or SIA for almost a month (since 29 June).

Some of you have asked why I hold SIA responsible instead of Lufthansa. The truth is I have been flying with SIA so often, without problem, that I am usually focused on the flight timing/duration rather than the type of planes or flight number.

More importantly, when SIA highlights that the flight is handled by Lufthansa, are customers supposed to expect poorer service? I have highlighted to Mr John Ng that when most customers buy SIA tickets, they are paying premium for the reputation and reliability of SIA. If SIA refers a customer to its Star Alliance partner, it is SIA’s responsible to ensure that the partner delivers equivalent and if not, better services.

Like most travelers, my sister and I usually arrive at the airport 2 hours earlier to check-in, go for supper/drink, do some duty free shopping. Due to the poor coordination between Lufthansa and Qatar,
1) I was refused check-in by Qatar and had to run around the airport
2) The Lufthansa counter was closed
3) I was not able to contact either Lufthansa or SIA on the phone
4) The SIA counter staff that was in the terminal, simply ignored me and refused to provide any help.

If this was simply an issue of a 6 hours delay, I would have let the matter rest. However, this is an issue of poor coordination/service and an absolute problem of no empathy. I know that SIA may continue to ignore me but I hope to create awareness so that other SIA’s customers do not have to go through the stress and unhappiness that my sister and I had encountered.

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