SDP’s town council committee to include residents elected from local constituency election.

Mr John Tan, vice-chairman of Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) in his briefing today about SDP’s Town Council Management Plan, highlighted that the one unique point about SDP’s town council management plan is that it will include residents in the town council committee who would be elected through local constituency election to ensure democracy in the running of the town council.

He also noted that by getting residents to get involved instead of depending on the grassroots organisations like the resident committees, would foster a greater sense of ownership among the residents.

Mr Chee Soon Juan, SDP Secretary General in response to queries of who would be running the election for the resident representatives, said that the town council would be organising the election and would use the opportunity to show how elections ought to be carried out in accordance to international standards.

Other points in the plan include having Members of Parliament to dedicate themselves full-time to running an efficient town council, cutting out unnecessary costs and passing on the savings to residents in the form of reduced Service & Constituency Charges (S&CC) , and a transparent and accountable system for residents to track developments and actions of the town council.

The plan also proposes various well-being and development programmes to enhance community bonding and offer needed assistance to residents.

Below is SDP’s Town Council Management Plan in brief.

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