The Mass Rapid Transit system was officially launched in Singapore in 1988. We take a look at one of the reports in the Straits Times at that time.
Straits Times, 30 October 1988
With MRT, no more reason to be late – President Wee
By Rav Dhaliwal
PRESIDENT Wee Kim Wee went on his first ride on the MRT since it started operating and arrived at this conclusion – Singaporeans will have no excuse to be late for wedding dinners and other appointments.
He fervently hopes “to see every Singaporean keep their appointments on the dot” once the MRT system is completed. “Formerly, they always said, ‘traffic jams’. With the MRT, there will be no more excuse of traffic jams,” Mr Wee told reporters.
“So with some luck, I think we’ll be going to all our appointments – wedding dinners, birthday dinners, big celebrations… on the dot.” Just like in London or everywhere else, he said.
You can read the report here at the NLB eresources site.
Has President Wee’s hopes been realised?

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