By Darren Chan Keng Leong
I share Ms Tham Yuen-C call for a more compassionate society and to show compassion to others (“Count ourselves lucky and show compassion for others”; Singapolitics).
The government can implement policies to help society and thus giving us opportunities to develop our skills to contribute to society. An elitist way of thinking is a selfish way of promoting self-interest and pride in their success. However, to have a compassionate meritocracy is to help those around us that are struggling or in need of help.
Success comes from our own hard work but also being given the right opportunity, sometimes even luck. Pay discrimination based on qualifications is wrong as a certificate does not mean anything if the person is unable to apply the skills that he or she have learn. Yes certificates are still important but companies now are employing graduates based on their portfolio, rather than solely basing their intellect on certificates or achievements.
Workforce recognition is also important in rewarding those that display consistent results and help every individual realize their potential in Singapore’s society. Compassionate meritocracy can be seen in companies who hire ex-offenders to give them a second chance and the less unfortunate to give them an equal opportunity to contribute and earn a decent living.
As meritocracy has been an important role in Singapore’s growth, everyone should be given the chance to contribute their skills and that both young and old can benefit from each other’s experience and ideas for Singapore’s future. We can cultivate a sense of compassion and humility to affirm each other for our efforts towards a more encouraging society.

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