Hot on the heels of our popular TOC Gazetted Tees comes a brand new design -the honest-to-goodness HONEST MISTAKE Tees!

And no, you’re not mistaken our tees are now available for both men and ladies, in  four fabulous colors such as Incorruptible White and National Day Rally Pink!

Don’t just move on and miss this opportunity to possess your very own defense-against-blame outfit!

And it’s only for a cheaper, better and faster $18.90!!! Buy it now while stocks last! (fabric is 95% cotton, 5% lycra.)

Actual product might differ slightly as these are mock-ups.

It’s not a macik, but a limping man in disguise trying to swim across the Straits of Johor

You can pay either through PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD.

Just select male/female, size and color, and click on the ‘Buy now’ button below.

Please allow for three to four weeks for delivery of product.

Order now!

UPDATE on 4th April 2011 – We have stopped taking orders for the Tshirt. However, we have ordered for extra Tshirts to be printed. We will make the annoucement once the Tees are printed as to where you can purchase them from. 


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