Frankie – Hardened criminal to successful artist

From We Believe in Second Chances

Listening to his story, it seems like there is nothing Frankie hasn’t tried before in his life. Armed robbery, drug peddling, gang fights (with serious injuries and even death), escape from jail… he really did do it all. He spent a large part of his life doing time for all sorts of offences.

Thanks to the Yellow Ribbon Project giving him a second chances, he’s managed to turn things around for himself, and is now a pretty successful artist. He is held up as an example to all. “See? The Yellow Ribbon Project works!”

Hearing his story makes me feel like there’s hope in everyone, no matter how young or how old they might be. It is never too late to change your life. It is not impossible for people to turn things around.

And so if Frankie could do this with such success, why should we deny Vui Kong the opportunity to try? After all, he is half Frankie’s age. With the proper guidance and rehabilitation, he too could change his life and show us the value of second chances.

See you on the 19th at Hong Lim Park, 4pm!