The 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference begins today in Cancún, Mexico, and ends in 10 December 2010.  Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore), or ECO Singapore has sent a 8-member team to be engaged in the Conference of Youths. Below is their press release.

28 November – 10 December 2010

Singaporean youths are often labeled apathetic and indifferent, preferring to leave things in the hands of our capable government.

Yet, the urgency of climate change has brought waves of passionate youths to rise to the challenge – that of protecting the Earth, our only home.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong acknowledged this powerful force in a recent speech at Clean and Green Singapore, citing the Environmental Challenge Organisation (ECO) Singapore Youth Delegation to last year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference COP15 in Copenhagen.

Since that diplomatic fiasco, little progress has been made. This year’s follow-up, the 16th Conference of the Parties (COP16) is a chance for the political community to redeem themselves on environmental conservation and protection.

But youths are taking matters into their own hands.

Singaporean youths from ECO Singapore are standing up for climate change as participants at the United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place from 28th November and 10th December in Cancun, Mexico.

As part of the UNFCCC’s youth constituency, YOUNGO, the 8-member team will be engaged in the Conference of Youths with like-minded youths from all over the world to share their opinions and recommendations on this international concern. They are led by Wilson Ang, Founder and President of ECO Singapore, through plenary sessions, side

events and exhibitions, in a hope to push for a global deal that will in turn drive local initiatives. ECO Singapore is the host of the Asian Youth Network for youth delegates from around the region.

Singaporeans can keep updates on COP16 through ECO’s blog and videologs on their YouTube channel. During last year’s COP15, the ECO Singapore Youth Delegation filmed an interview with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. This year, they will approach delegates from other countries to gain insights on their stands.

Prior to this year’s trip, the team has engaged in discussions with experts in mitigation and adaptation such as the Clean Development Mechanism, and shared their vision and ideas with officials from the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources and the National Climate Change Secretariat.

COP16 promises to be a crucial turning point as the stakes are rising faster than sea levels for governments to come up with a successful deal that resembles the vision of a “fair, ambitious, legally-binding deal” proposed by the Alliance of Small Island States at Copenhagen last year.

Climate change is unequivocally due to anthropogenic causes. Man’s unrestrained activities have brought a karmic feedback loop of extreme weather patterns and rising temperatures. CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is far exceeding safe limits and showing no signs of restraint.

While legislation and political discourse mar the pace of progress, civil society and youths are determined to make the world sustainable and habitable for future generations.

Help make ECO Singapore COP16 Team’s presence at the Conference an enduring and impactful one by following our progress.

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