Served NS but told he’s no longer a S’pore citizen

Excerpt from kelzinho’s blog:

As i took my oath and received my Pink IC on stage at an acceptence ceremony, I remember proudly thinking to myself, finally, this is home, and i belong here, i decided to renounce my Japanese citizenship at the age of 21, and be a full pledge Singapore citizen, for there’s no other place that i would call Home.

Things when on fine for a few years, until recently, when i went to the ICA to renew my Passport, i was informed that I was no longer a Singaporean, because i did not take my pledge, and that i could no longer stay here in Singapore, i felt betrayed, unjustified, and most of all, i felt lost, i finally have the chance to take over my mothers company so she can retire, and i finally can move on with my life when all of it is taken away from me, i am now stuck with a dilemma with no obvious solution, i can’t go back to Japan for i had renounce my citizenship there for Singapore, but i can’t stay or do anything here because officially, I’m not a Singapore citizen, and unfortunately, i can’t go anywhere else because i do not own a passport anymore.

In hopes to settle this predicament, i went to my local MP, Mr. Lee Boon Yang, to see if he could help me with this issue. Though with his good graces, Mr. Lee help me send a request to reinstate my citizenship, it was rejected due to a no provision law, not wanting to give up, i went to seek the help of another MP, 1 that had shooked my hands as i received my NRIC Mr. Heng, and as my status as a Singaporean lingers as the unknown, i hope that i can settle this issue as soon as possible.

Not Local, Not Foreign, i wonder what my outcome would be.

Read Ogawa’s full story here.

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