Was it just a simple “staring incident”?

From sgdeathpenalty.blogspot.com, the website of the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign:

According to news report, Darren Ng’s father told reporters that his son “died because of love for his friends”. Mainstream news have all but reported the real story behind the stabbing, which occurred on the fateful night of 30th October 2010, preferring to go along the lines of a simple “staring incident” that caused Darren Ng’s premature termination of life.

According to reliable sources, the lead assailant had been serving time in prison prior to the incident. Whether he was the one who actually wielded the weapon used against Darren in not known, but being a member of a certain gang triad, there was animosity brewing with another gang’s member in prison, which happened to be Darren’s friend.

The connection with a certain triad is evident from a picture showing a tattoo on one of the assailant, Tang Jia Min, which was reported in the news.

When the lead assailant came out of prison, he was unable to locate Darren’s friend. On the night Darren Ng was assaulted and killed at Downtown East, he recognised Darren’s group of 3 as the friends of the enemy he made in prison.

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