Daily Archives: 2010-11-04

Downtown East homicide – debunking crime myths

Eng Wu Ong I am writing this note to put forward my views on the recent homicide case that occurred at Downtown East in Singapore, from the perspective of a 2nd year Criminology student. I think that there are certain public misconceptions about crime and justice that need to be pointed out. Here is the link to the news article …

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Reform Party withdraws application to join SDA

TOC just received a press release from Reform Party Sec Gen Kenneth Jeyaretnam regarding Reform Party’s withdrawal of application to join SDA. We reproduce it in full. Withdrawal of Application to Join the SDA The Reform Party notes today’s press reports and wishes to announce that we have withdrawn our application to join the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA). We continue …

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Netizens, show some sensitivity

Letter to the Today newspaper: Letter from Amanda Lee FOLLOWING the recent murder of Republic Polytechnic (RP) student Darren Ng, who was reportedly stabbed following a staring incident on Halloween, a Facebook group was started, named “Why students of Republic Polytechnic keep on dying?” (sic). Last I checked, there were 2,013 members, with the number growing quickly. A photo of …

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Why judgement on Shadrake is significant

The judgement on Alan’s Shadrake’s trial, delivered by Justice Quentin Loh on Wednesday, is a significant legal development on Singapore’s law on contempt – a point which the media, both local and foreign, seem to have missed. We feel it is important to explain why the judgement is significant. In a nutshell, is the judgement  a positive step in liberalizing …

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