Here are some pictures taken by Leonard Soosay and Valence Sim of the YOG music concert performances at downtown Marina. The pictures were taken on two separate days – the first on Sunday 15 August, while the second on Monday evening, 16 August.

The expected crowds – and VIPs and VVIPs – were not what was expected, apparently.

“Took some photos last night while heading to the YOG  Marina promontory @ marina boulevard. Reached there at around 810pm, there wasn’t many people around that area. It could be that it was a Monday night or simply not interested. I was there to cover some photos of a performing friend. To my surprise (or rather I sorta expected it), the main stage area was almost empty. My estimate was that there were only 30 people maximum at any given concert. Who are the people they are performing for? They even have labels for public and VVIP, but not a single VVIP was around yesterday. I’ve seen bigger turnouts at Hungry Ghost Festival than at the event last night. The people who were there are mainly supporters of the performing artistes and quite a number of foreign workers waiting to be picked up by their buses. They were sitting on the benches reading papers, killing time. I wonder if this is what Singapore is trying to portrays to the guests.” – Valence.

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