Dear Minister is the space where we hope to engage the ministries (and ministers) directly.  We will approach the ministries for their views on various issues. We would also like to encourage you, the public, to use this space to engage them. To do so, please email us your queries for the ministers/ministries.

Your question should not be more than 100 words and should be directed at only one minister/ministry.

You should also include the following along with your question:


Email address (a genuine one where we can reach you at)

Phone number

We will publish your question and the reply from the minister/ministry according to the respective tabs on the front page of this website under the Dear Minister section. However, we humbly reserve the right to edit your question and the right to decide if the queries will be sent to the various ministers/ministries.

You can email us at [email protected].

Thank you.

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