Terence Lee

Jack Neo is back.

The controversial director’s new movie “The Little Star” will be screened at the church’s services in celebration of Father’s Day. The surprise announcement was made at about 11pm on Thursday on City Harvest Church’s twitter account.

In a departure from the church’s usual style, this event was first publicised via Twitter as opposed to a video announcement weeks before.

No further information has been provided about the movie, except for the following caption from a thumbnail image of the movie poster: “How far would you go to win back someone you love? This is a heartwarming tale of how a father struggles to raise his son singlehandedly. Faced with the possibility of losing his son forever, a father tries his best to reconnect by entering his son’s world.”

Also, the film appears to have been produced by Red Chilli Films, a relatively unknown film entity.

Not much has been heard from Jack Neo ever since his extra-marital affair was exposed in the media. It appears that the filmmaker, who attends City Harvest, has never quite taken a hiatus from film making.

Meanwhile, the church is undergoing a crisis of its own. More than 17 of the church members, including senior pastor Kong Hee and his wife, Ho Yeow Sun, being questioned by the police. The allegations: Misappropriation of funds and criminal breach of trust.

The results of the investigation are not yet known.


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