Netizens outraged by teen assault in lift

A video of an enraged youth repeatedly slapping and hitting his female schoolmate in an HDB lift has sparked a wave of outrage from Singapore netizens.

Taken inside the lift, the video that was first posted on Facebook shows the male student repeatedly slapping the girl and slamming her head against the lift walls. The conversation in the video reveals that the girl was being accused of ratting on him to the teacher, which she denied.

The attack lasted more than a minute and was filmed by another female student.

Judging from the students’ uniform, comments on online forums suggest they are from Siglap Secondary School.  The school’s principal Low Joo Hong confirmed this to The New Paper. Strangely enough, tough, in photos from the assaulter’s blog, it seems both schoolmates are close friends.

And yet, this incident of school violence is not the first of its kind in Singapore or elsewhere.


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