Part 1: The truth about Chiam See Tong’s departure

Excerpts from the Singapore Democratic Party’s website on the resignation of Mr Chiam See Tong from the party in May of 1993:

The unalterable truth is that it was Mr Chiam who first resigned as the secretary-general of the party on 17 May 93. When the CEC refused to support his motion to censure me for going on a hunger strike, Mr Chiam tendered his resignation on the spot:

Immediately after he handed over his letter, a few CEC members chased after him and told him not to be so rash. Mr Chiam nevertheless drove off in his car.

In the following days and weeks a few CEC members, including me, made several overtures to persuade him back.

But Mr Chiam insisted that he would return as secretary-general only if the CEC gave him sole power to appoint and dismiss CEC and cadre members. He also wanted us to sack Mr Wong Hong Toy, then vice-chairman.

This was clearly undemocratic and, more importantly, against the Party’s constitution. It was a demand that we could not accede to.

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