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For easier access, the following is a listing of all the articles and videos published on TOC regarding the Mandatory Death Penalty.


Main Submissions.

Applicant’s Submission.

Appellant’s Further Submissions.



14 May 2010: Mandatory death penalty constitutional, says court.


The Anti-Mandatory Death Penalty Photo Project

TOC Editorials:

5 December 2009: TOC Editorial: Media’s silence on Yong Vui Kong a national shame 

16 January 2010: TOC Editorial: A hint of assertiveness | The Online Citizen

24 February 2010: TOC Editorial – A call to suspend all executions | The Online Citizen


Article and reports:

19 November 2009: Lawyer for death-row inmate denied access to client | The Online 

27 November 2009: President rejects clemency petition for Yong Vui Kong | The Online 

3 December 2009: High Court grants rare stay of execution | The Online Citizen

5 December 2009: Yong Vui Kong meets his mother in jail | The Online Citizen

7 December 2009: Calling for an end to the mandatory death penalty | The Online Citizen

7 December 2009: Vui Kong, we care – a day for compassion | The Online Citizen

8 December 2009: Court of Appeal grants Yong Vui Kong a hearing, and a second stay 

8 December 2009: M Ravi speaks on death penalty | The Online Citizen

9 December 2009: Yong Vui Kong given opportunity to appeal

1 March 2010: Crime and punishment | The Online Citizen

3 March 2010: No convincing reason to believe that the MDP works | The Online 

4 January 2010: Why I support the death penalty and a second chance for Yong Vui

25 February 2010: The legal canon of death | The Online Citizen

27 February 2010: Side-stepping the death penalty | The Online Citizen

1 March 2010: A moratorium is not an insult to national sovereignty | The Online 

4 March 2010: Anti-Death Penalty in Singapore | The Online Citizen

13 March 2010: The story of a boy | The Online Citizen

14 March 2010: “For me, I’m hoping for a miracle” | The Online Citizen

15 March 2010: Judges reserve judgement in Yong’s mandatory death penalty appeal 

15 March 2010: Discretion to the judges – judgment reserved | The Online Citizen

16 March 2010: M Ravi: Death penalty should not be dispensed ‘in an automated 

16 March 2010: Court reserve its judgement in Yong’s appeal | The Online Citizen

17 March 2010: Do we not have room for remorse, repentence and conversion? | The 

19 March 2010: Performing Law | The Online Citizen

22 March: Presumed, presumption, deemed – and we take your life

23 March: When discretion could have saved a life: The case of Rozman bin Jusoh

28 March: Yong Vui Kong – the defence’s argument

11 May: Shanmugam’s slippery slope.

15 May: Prejudicing a fair trial? The Yong Vui Kong case.

15 May: Death penalty serves no demonstrable criminal justice purpose.

21 May 2010: [Bangladesh] Death penalty declared illegal

10 June 2010: IHRA rebuts Singapore’s defence of harsh drug laws

14 June 2010: Lawyer urges Malaysian government to intervene in death row case

16 June 2010: Malaysian Law Minister not aware of Yong’s case

18 June 2010: Malaysian High Commission visits death row inmate

18 June 2010: The irresponsible Straits Times

19 June 2010: Death row case: Malaysian minister to meet Yong’s lawyer

22 June: Re-examine judicial & clemency process, M’sian lawyers urge S’pore

28 June:Death row case: Malaysian Law Minister’s puzzling about-turn

04 July: Death row case: M’sian Parliament to debate emergency motion

05 July: BREAKING NEWS: Malaysia to seek clemency for Yong Vui Kong

06 July: Malaysian FM: “If I save one life, it will give me great satisfaction”

07 July: Death row case: S’pore’s media buries its head

12 July: Law Minister’s comments prejudicial to Yong Vui Kong’s clemency appeal

14 July: Straits Times – “accurate, timely and balanced”?

15 July: Malaysian lawyer denied access to Yong



TOC at Bugis Junction – Do young Singaporeans support the Mandatory Death Penalty?

TOC at Raffles Place – Do working adults support the Mandatory Death Penalty?

TOC in the heartlands (Toa Payoh) – Do older Singaporeans support the Mandatory Death Penalty?

TOC at the National University of Singapore – Do law students support the Mandatory Death Penalty?

TOC speaks to Rev Dr Edward Job, Executive Director, Christian Care Services.

Interview with Yong Vui Kong’s brother, Yong Yun Leong by Lianain Films.

Vui Kong’s story from Lianain Films on Vimeo


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