Elderly couple with 2 disabled children gets no help from HDB.

“I kept quiet. Just weep. What else?”

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TOC has learned that Mr Balldev Naidu has been extradited to the United States. Mr Balldev, who is also a member of the Reform Party, is wanted by the US govt for alleged terrorist involvement. TOC understands that he was extradited last Friday. We will have a report on this soon.

There is this show on Channel 8 called Life Transformers in which they send pretty MediaCorp actresses to visit poor families with disabled children.

Transcripts taken from Singapore Mind’s blog.

“I’ve applied with the govt before. It always comes to nothing.” – Mother

“Where do you go to apply” – Christopher Lee

“The fourth floor of HDB inToa Payoh. I don’t understand much English. I only know it is the welfare department. Sometimes, they reject my applications. We go to them because we need help. Otherwise, why bother going to them or subject ourselves to humiliation? I wished I didn’t have to go there. They can be so rude. ” – Mother

“In what way?” – Actress..

They keep telling you to work. Its okay if I can find a job. But I may not find one that allows me to look after my children. We go to them only because we need help. They shouldn’t say ‘Look for a job. Don’t always expect help’ – Mother

“How did you reply” – Actress

“I kept quiet. Just weep. What else?” – Mother.