Report and photos by Wallace Woon

The black wall with its black dripping paint and chalk scribblings resemble the chaos of a classroom. Yet the message within the writings is hardly academic. Facts pointing towards the various injustices throughout countries in Asia cover most of the mural. Placed strategically at eye level is the haunting statement that  Singapore has the highest executions per capita for any country in the world.

In striking red and block lettering, the word “ALLEGATIONS” is written clearly in the centre of the mural. Yet the mural is restrained behind a glass panel, its ferocity contained within an echo box. Many shoppers walked by without so much as glancing at the mural and for those who do, nary a minute is wasted looking at the entirety of the piece.

Tickleart is located in CityLink at the juncture between the underground shopping complex and the Esplanade. Put together by Maruah, the art installation runs until 31 January.

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