Excerpts from Asian Correspondent:

The argument is that Singaporeans either don’t provide enough talent for the higher-tier jobs that these foreign talent bring, or are too choosy to want to take on the menial jobs that these foreign workers do. The People’s Action Party (PAP) government argues that its liberal migration policy is for the long-term economic competitiveness of the country, but the public remains skeptical. More should and would be discussed in future posts, but for now, the focus is on private enterprises, their labor practices and how it relates to their bottom line.

In the mean time, these foreign workers are akin to the lowest life forms in the city-state. The disparity between the way the government treats these groups, policy-wise, is appalling. Many have lauded the economic progress Singapore has made since 1965, but many do not see the social and political costs of the economic miracle. Here, it’s a race to the bottom: cheapest labor costs to get the job done. There have been reports in the past even in the state-controlled mainstream media in Singapore about their inhumane living conditions, but the government continues to turn a blind eye to the way these foreigners are treated.

Read the full article here.

Picture from TOC.

TOC thanks Meiyi for bringing this report to our attention.

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