Matilda Chua fined $20k

Report from the Straits Times.

NEARLY three years after former National Kidney Foundation (NKF) board member Matilda Chua was hauled to court on criminal charges, her case has finally come to a close.

On Friday, Chua, 39, was sentenced to a total fine of $20,000 on two charges of falsifying the books of her call centre company, Global Net Relations (GNR).

In 2007, a district court had fined her $10,000 on one count and cleared her of the other. But the acquittal was overturned by the High Court yesterday on appeal by the prosecution.

Her acquittal on a third charge of share-rigging stands.

Chua, who had paid $10,000 for the earlier conviction, has to pay the other $10,000 by Monday.

Read the rest of the report here.


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