WP candidate rumoured to join the NSP.

Third WP candidate from GE 2006 resigns from party

Latest:. TOC has learnt that 3 more party cadres from the Workers’ Party have resigned in the last one week, besides Mr Abdul Salim. One of them is Ms Lee Wai Leng, who was also a candidate in the last elections together with Mr Salim in Ang Mo Kio.

Mr Abdul Salim, 27, a member of the Workers’ Party’s team which contested Ang Mo Kio GRC in the last elections, has tendered his resignation from the party.

He is the third WP candidate from General Elections 2006 to resign from the party after the elections. The other two were Mr Chia Ti Lik and Mr Goh Meng Seng. Mr Goh is now with the National Solidarity Party (NSP).

Speaking to The Online Citizen, Mr Salim, who handed in his resignation to party secretary general Mr Low Thia Khiang on Sunday, said “there were some issues” he had with the WP but declined to elaborate. He joined the WP in 2005. He also declined to confirm rumours that he might be joining the NSP. “I am keeping my options open”, he said when asked if he would contest the next elections.  “Nothing is being confirmed,” he added. Several WP members which TOC spoke to were unaware of Mr Salim’s resignation.

The Online Citizen will have a report soon.