Chiam’s still standing

Excerpts from Today, “Chiam’s still standing”:

IF POLITICS could be likened to a game of chess, this grand old man of Opposition politics readily concedes that he is still a novice at disguising his next moves.

Which is why Potong Pasir MP Chiam See Tong, 73, is making extra efforts to conceal the details of what he hopes would be a fitting finale to his eventful political career — even as he declared that he already has a team in place to contest for a Group Representation Constituency (GRC) in the next General Election, due by February 2012.

During a 90-minute chat over coffee at the Botanic Gardens with Weekend Xtra recently, Mr Chiam gave precious little information away, albeit with constant reminders from his wife Lina.

Said Mr Chiam: “I’ve learnt my lesson in the 1979 by-election. I was afraid of a three-cornered fight so I made the announcement that I was going to contest in Potong Pasir. And you know who they put there? Howe Yoon Chong (the late former minister), the strongest candidate they had.”

“I already have a team. We have one doctor, one accountant, two lawyers,” he continued before Mrs Chiam interjected: “We cannot reveal everything.”

Read the full article on Today.


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