Two bloggers take issue with the broadcaster's censorship.

Blog Feature: Mediacorp snips Oscar speeches

Today’s Blog Feature is from Must Have Been Good, on Mediacorp’s censoring of speeches at the recent Oscars awards show.

Here are excerpts:

I still furrow my brows at how the media development authority develops practically nothing, but instead acts with recourse to the local socio-legal milieu in its dictating of the media material to dissociate non-heterosexual identities. It’s embarrassingly distasteful that many guidelines restrict the kind of non-fiction themes in local soaps received by a largely unsuspecting audience, but in an event like the Oscars, it feels worse because video clips and transcripts of acceptance speeches floating everywhere on the internet effortlessly betray the authority’s heterosexist snipping and its immature policies that ridiculously assume silencing means converting. 

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