About 100 people, young and old, attended the Singapore Democratic Party organized forum “Opposition – Where to?”.

This is a dangerous world because people are not doing anything about the evils in this world. With that in mind, Mr Tan Kian Lin decided to speak at the forum.  Mr Tan observed the growing gap between the government and the people. This may result in the opposition – or Alternative Parties (Mr Tan’s prefereed term) – benefiting from protest votes. But the Alternative Parties are not able to attract middle ground voters because they are not able to offer good candidates, alternative policies and ultimately an alternative government.

Understanding that Alternative Parties have limited resources to do much, Mr Tan suggested they focused on educating people about their roles, responsibilities, and rights as citizen and be considerate and caring towards each other.

He suggested that the Alternative Parties make use of blogs and the Internet to communicate actively their parties’ values and alternative policies to the public.

Read Mr Tan’s speech here.

Here are videos of his speech: 

— Educate people their role, responsibilities and rights —


— Alternative Parties unite with common values —


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