In TOC’s “Blog Feature”, we highlight blog posts which we feel deserve special mention. If you would like to recommend any blog post for special mention on TOC, please email us at: [email protected] .

Gangasudhan’s blog post, “My Dear Government, Why Do You Treat Me So?”, which is about the proposed changes to the Films Act,  is our feature today. Here are excerpts from it.

Visit Gangasudhan’s blog for the full article.

I am deeply saddened that in the proposed Bill, where explanations and justifications were provided for all the changes, this critical change was explained away as the expansion of the original list without referring to the change in terminology – ayone can report on current affairs but only a select few may be part of ‘a broadcasting service licenced by any law’.

It seems as though this telling change is being sneaked in without any forthright explanation. Honestly, I cannot accept the change or the manner in which it has been included. As far as I am concerned, it is truly a sad day for Singapore as a modern city when (and not if) this section comes into play.

*Special thanks to Seelan Palay for today’s recommendations.

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