Dear everyone,

As you may have noticed, comments on TOC are now more strictly moderated. There are several reasons for this.

1.     We have noticed that there are some who, with different nicknames/handles, have been targeting their attacks on TOC. They have done this in different articles, although the articles have nothing to do with TOC. These comments also make unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations against TOC and its members.

2.     Some comments are self-advertisements for their products or blogs. Commenters can link their websites or blogs to their names – as provided for when you fill up the comment box. If you would like us to help advertise or promote your products or events, please email us: [email protected] .

3.     Some comments are of a personal nature – targeting the editors and writers of TOC and fellow commenters.

4.     Some comments are spurious or contain unsubstantiated but specific allegations against others. This affects other readers who find that it degenerates the comment sections into, to quote from an email from a reader, “trash”.

5.     Some comments disparage religions and races. We do not allow such comments.

6.     Some comments contain vulgarities. Also, some nicks and handles are of vulgarities. That is, the nicknames/handles of the commenters are vulgar. We do not allow vulgarities in any form – be they in English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil or in local slang.

While we welcome everyone to share and give their points of views, we ask that everyone limit their comments to the issues in the articles/reports/videos.

As for complaints or praises about TOC, we welcome them as well. You can email us at [email protected] . (By the way, we have also disallowed some comments which praised TOC.)

Our aim is to allow everyone to express themselves but at the same time, we do not believe that freedom to express oneself means we accept all forms of expressions – includining personal attacks and vulgarities.

We ask for your understanding.

Thank you.

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