Burmese nationals are being told to leave Singapore without any specific reasons. Report from Seelan Palay's blog.

MOM forces Burmese to leave Singapore due to pro-democracy views

The following is from Seelan Palay’s blog.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) notified Burmese Overseas Patriots (OBP) after their immigration passes expired to leave the island without giving them reasons. The OBP members revealed their concerns of Burma’s overall political crisis and reconciliation, obviously the distress expressed by Burmese in Singapore is basis of anxiety to the PAP who are protecting their Asean “wicked family member” being the Than Shwe regime.

Since July 2008 Burmese Overseas Patriots had been departing Singapore in batches. Many studied in Singapore and chose to build their lives in the island which they consider their second home. They made a choice to live in harmony within a multi-racial society evidently Singapore was a misstop as the Burmese emotional side does not match the PAP’s extravagant vision.

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