Teo Ho Pin replies to forum letter on town councils' investments.

Dr Teo Ho Pin’s second letter to Straits Times

Dr Teo Ho Pin, Coordinating Chairman for PAP Town Councils, has written for the second time to the press on town councils’ investments. Below is his latest, a letter to the ST forum page , “Investment types, returns open to public” (excerpted). We leave it to readers to decide if Dr Teo has provided any meaningful answers to questions posed to him.

You can read his first letter, published in TODAY, here.

Excerpt from Dr Teo’s letter to the ST, 5 December, 2008:

As our investments and circumstances differ, the town councils will reach out to their residents directly to address their queries and receive feedback through various channels such as newsletters, websites and dialogues. We will continue to explore ways to keep residents informed of our finances.

Looking ahead, we would like to assure residents that we will continue to be prudent, and will keep reviewing our investment approach so as to grow our sinking fund in a sustainable manner to meet the long-term needs of our estates.