This is your space – to share your views or stories about the recession, being retrenched, how to cope with everyday living. You may be going through it, or may have some good advice for those going through it.

You may be an employer who has jobs for those who are jobless, or you may know of places or organizations which provide welfare for those in need.

Whatever it is, please share your information.

The upcoming downturn is expected to be the worst in many years and is also expected to last for some time.

As Singaporeans who care about each other, let us band together – even if it’s just here on TOC – and help each other, however small the ways.

Alternatively, you can drop us an email if you have something to say and we’ll put it up (subject to the usual editor’s approval, of course). We can be reached at [email protected] .

Thanks everyone…

**For easy access to all the articles which will be in this section, click on the “Beating The Recession – Together!” bar. Or bookmark this page:

Andrew Loh

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