Resident queries town council on investments.

Jurong GRC resident takes up minister’s invitation

The following letter was sent through email to the Jurong GRC Town Council on 20 Novermber 2008 by TOC writer Lim Chih Yang. The town council has yet to reply.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I refer to the article on Today (dated: 17 November 2008). As I understand that Town Council had used sinking funds in the area of investment and they are within constitutional rights to do it within 35%.

As a resident in Bukit Batok which is within the Jurong GRC, may I request if Jurong Town Council could direct to me where could I find the link on the Jurong Town Council website to download the financial report? May I also ask if the Town Council is able to provide a breakdown on the investment performance made thus far?

Minister of State for Nattional Development Grace Fu had mentioned in parliament that residents should pose queries to their respective Town Council.

If there is any further clarification or queries, please feel free to drop me a call at ********.

Thank you.