SM Goh urges Singaporeans to “keep the economy going”

Breaking News: DBS cuts 900 jobs “to trim costs amid the global credit crisis”. (Channel NewsAsia)

“If all of us go into a power save mode, then the economy will really go into a recession! This is what economists called the Paradox of Thrift. If you have sufficient savings and can afford to spend, you should continue to spend on life’s little pleasures.

“Take your family to the movies, shop, dine out at restaurants and hawker centres, go for your regular foot massage, indulge yourself at a spa, take a taxi, donate to charity and so on.

“This way, we keep the economy going. In fact, I would say when times are a little slow, you could get the best bargain.” – Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong. (Channel NewsAsia)


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