TOC welcomes new members

Dear everyone,

The last few months have been very eventful for The Online Citizen. We have virtually doubled our number of visitors, been featured more in the news, organised public events, have had many emails of encouragement, support and criticism, and many too have come up to us in person to offer pats on the backs.

Indeed, we are humbled and encouraged by the support from all of you.

We thank everyone who has participated and supported us, including those who found us lacking in certain aspects. We will continue to work hard and do better.

We are working on changes to improve TOC further and, hopefully, these will be implemented in the coming weeks and months. For now, we would like to make a few announcements, namely about our members.

Changes to editorial team

Gerald Giam, who has been an integral and important part of TOC right from the beginning, will be stepping down as Deputy Editor. Gerald, who recently became a father, is involved with various non-TOC commitments (including volunteer work) and would like to give more time to these. He will, however, continue to write for TOC as Senior Writer.

Selene Cheng, our very hardworking Sub-Editor, will also have a change of duties on TOC. She will no longer be Sub-Editor. Selene would like to focus on more reporting – a role which she has assumed lately. TOC welcomes this and looks forward to more of Selene’s work in this area.

New sections, new members

TOC will be introducing a new Youth Focus section and a new multimedia team which will be covering events and producing videos.

Youth Focus will be headed by Terence Lee, our Youth Editor. The team of young members are: Adil Hakeen, Alison Liew, Charisse Tay, Cheng Hui, Eddie Choo, Huang Xinyuan, John Ang, Kelvin Lim, Matthias Chia, Pearl Lee, Shawn Teo, Tan Jianwei, Wong Jun Sean, Thng Yiren.

Roderick Chia is in charge of the multimedia development team, and he is assisted by Boris Chan and Rachel Chung. The other members of the team are: Mervin Lee, Rachel Zeng, Teng Jing Wei, Koh Yi Na, Damien Chng, Ma Xian Rong, Sj, Fyrol, Kelvin Choo and Johnathan Tan.

TOC also welcomes several new members and writers to the TOC family. These are: Lim Chih Yang, Andrew Ong, Ravi Philemon, Anthony Neo, Cheong En Min, Lee Song Kwang, Timothy Tan, and Davin Ng.

Welcome on board, guys and gals!

The TOC team is excited about the new year already and is looking forward to serving fellow Singaporeans by speaking up even more. We also look forward to your continued support and encouragement as well.

Many of our members are young Singaporeans. It is our hope that more of you out there will join us in speaking out – whatever your age and background – and help make Singapore a better place for everyone.

Do drop us an email at: [email protected]

Thank you, everyone.


Andrew Loh

Deputy Editor



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