An orchestra in fine form?

The PTC, in approving this fare increase, has taken care to ensure that fares remain affordable for the majority of commuters. – (PTC Chairman Gerard Ee, Straits Times, Sept 13, 2006.)

THE new head of the government parliamentary committee for transport said the latest 1.7 per cent increase in bus and train fares seems reasonable. – (New GPC chief Cedric Foo, Sept 13, 2006.)

Bus fares continue to remain affordable for the general public even with the 1.8 per cent increase as this is considerably lower than the annual increase in average monthly income per household of 5.7 per cent in 2006. – (SMRT chief operating officer Yeo Meng Hin, Business Times, Sept 12, 2007.)

By and large, even with the increases, transport should still be affordable for the majority of commuters. – (Ong Kian Min, GPC member, Straits Times, Sept 12, 2007.)

The PTC would like to give the assurance that it will not turn a blind eye to a range of cost increases commuters have been facing. – (Gerard Ee, PTC Chairman, July 15, 2008)