Woman and boyfriend assaulted us, say students

Woman and boyfriend assaulted us, say students

This is taken from the blog Princess Michie. The account of the incident is solely her own, and does not represent the full sequence of events of the day.

Notably missing is corroborating evidence of the punching she claims to have received from the caucasian man.

What is this world coming to? We got hit cos we’re students? Students aren’t nice to bully!

So it all happened cos while i was walking, my schoolbag hit a woman accidentally. And i believe that the woman is none other than the angmoh’s girlfriend!

After bumping into her, she starts throwing vulgarities at me. At first I thought she’s some crazy woman who goes around shouting at people, so I ignored her. Few minutes later, she attacked me from the back! She hit my back with her umbrella but thank god she missed! So instead of my back, she got my schoolbag! If not I’ll most probably be lying in the hospital right now.

Then naturally I turned, and asked her what her problem was. She was shouting at her top of her voice telling the whole world that I bumped into her. That’s when I finally understood why she was shouting at me. She tried to flee after everyone said that she’s the one at fault by hitting my back. She then ran into the NTUC.

She said:” Back off! I’m calling the 911!”
Me: Hello, this is
Singapore, you do not call 911 here, you call 999!.
She: Back off im calling 911 now.
She: im gonna call the 911 now.
Me: It’s 999.
She: fine I’ll call 911 now.
Me: *sigh* go ahead. I’ll wait for you, please go ahead and call the police.
She: Why must i call the police? You call lah.
Me: Cos i thot you said you wanna call 911?
She: I don’t have a phone, you call. (Why she said she wanna call 911 when she dont have a phone? siao!)
Me: This is
Singapore, you do not go around hitting people with your umbrella then call 911, and im sure you can’t do the same even if you are in America.

Then some security personnel came over to break the furious argument we had.

Those personnel asked us to leave the supermarket. She refused and said:” No, im not leaving, i scare she’ll beat me up.” Like hello, she’s the one who attacked me first.

*few mins later*

She dashed out of the supermarket, so my friend and i chased after her demanding for a reason for hitting my back.

Just right about 10 steps after exiting from the supermarket, the angmoh boyfriend attacked us from the back! This time round, he grabbed both my friend’s arms from the back, then lifted her up off the floor and throw her hard onto the floor! And that caused her arms to bleed! And before I could even react, I saw his fist flying towards my face! I moved back a little but I still got punched slightly in the nose and I managed to block the other 2 punches from him with both my arms. Next, he kicked my right leg, and he attempted to run. Just when he was about to run, my friend tripped him and he fell straight onto the floor.

He quickly picked himself up, and he ran towards a watch shop where all the helpful passersby blocked him from escaping.

A few uncles came to help us because they saw the whole incident.

Then, the girlfriend appeared out of nowhere. She accused us of hitting her first. Trust me, we didn’t even lay a finger on her! Needless to say, hit. She was cooking up crap trying to gain sympathy from the crowd. Fortunately none of them listened to her instead they scorned her off!

It all happened in a flash, so i couldn’t video the part whereby he attacked us. They are both in their late 30s or early 40s. And that angmoh was like 6 feet tall! Pick on someone his size!
AND if they are not guilty, then why are they escaping?

The woman is super aggressive and ill-bred! She’s horrible!

By posting this TOC makes no claim as to the veracity of this story. Many of the facts in this account have yet to be verified, and we highlight that this is the version of events given by one party to the incident.

Below is the video of the incident.

Part One:


Part Two:

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