Free Burma! International bloggers to support freedom for Burma on Oct 4th

LATEST: Several Burmese nationals at the Peninsula Plaza in Singapore have told TOC that the Singapore police has stopped Burmese nationals from wearing and selling t-shirts with the words “STOP Bloodshed In Myanmar”. Many Burmese were seen wearing the shirts at the Burmese Buddhist Temple on September 29. (See report here.)

*Please help spread the word

Reproduced from the blog, Beautiful To Behold:

International bloggers are preparing an action to support the peaceful revolution in Burma. They want to set a sign for freedom and show their sympathy for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons. These Bloggers are planning to refrain from posting to their blogs on 4th October but just put up one Banner, underlined with the words “Free Burma!”.


Preferred Action:

Choose a graphic from


with the text “Free Burma” so we can sync our global voice.

Use the tag “Free Burma” with:

For Bloggers: “One blogpost for Burma

For website owners: “One text for Burma

For commenters: “One Keystroke for Burma!:

Link: You can keep up with the changes by pointing your feedreader to


This event will take place on October, 4th 2007.


The name of the event will be “Free Burma

Spread the Word

Help to spread the word about this event.

Media: (this is a so called WTF, please follow the link and vote)

What to do?

Theme Change – Change your blog’s theme to red color; send message to: Red Blogs for Burma

Blog about Burma; send message to: Blogger for Burma

· oneblogpostforburma – “One Blogpost for Burma

On thursday, everybody blogs exactly one post with the title “Free Burma!” and a red flag for the monks’ red robes in RGB 128,24,24 and in the format 3:2

· OR The International Buddistist Flag but which might not be right for all, since it is also a religious statement. But everybody can choose what (s)he does. Here are both flags: Click on thumbnails. Sample posting:


Do nothing – remain silent. Risk is that this might not be noticed. (What a stupid idea! Silence is exactly what Myanmar’s government is trying to achieve by shutting down the country’s internet connection! We need to be louder than the military. They must hear an international uproar throughout the media, the other governments, etc…!)

Here are photos about “Free Burma!”

The campaign:, please respect Copyright and Some Rights!

Multilingual Wikipedia articles:

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