LATEST: Burma monastries in night raids BBC
Witnesses say security forces in
Burma have launched raids on monasteries and arrested scores of monks..”

Please sign the petition in support of the people of Burma.

Myanmar needs our support… but the silence is deafening by No Fear Singapore

“ASEAN has used the excuse of the “principle of non-interference” to wash its hands off the affairs of the Myanmar people. Are we going to just sit on our hands and wait for the makings of another “Killing fields” before guilt forces all of us to act?”

Myanmar’s brave Buddhist clergy and personal thoughts on peaceful protests by No Fear Singapore

“To them, enough is enough and the oil price hike was but the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Deafening silence from Singaporeans by The Anti-Neo Democracy Theorist

Is the silence from Singapore officials and even ordinary Singaporeans deafening?”

Is the Myanmar bloodshed inevitable? by Simple Is The Reason Of My Heart

My feeling is that ASEAN will take an non-interventionist approach aka do nothing and let it happen which is something that I am personally against.”

The feeling of the Present and History by The Feynman Boson

“Where will the events in Burma head from here? Will it be like two decades ago, a repetition of history? Or will a fresh chapter of democracy enter Burma‘s life?”

Burma and the unstoppable train – by Blue Heeler

“Surely the meeting of Daw Aung San and the monks has signalled a turning point in Burma: the question is which way will the situation turn? For those who believe in divinity, a quiet prayer would be appropriate now.”

Mandalay dreams – monkey business in Myanmar by What Others Say

“Somewhere in the great banana merry-go-round, high above the marching crowds in the streets sits a row of big monkeys from the various nations. They’re watching the scene with glee and anticipation.”

Burmese shrug off military rule by Readings From A Political Duo-able

“This is perhaps the tipping point where the Burmese needs more international pressure and aid more than ever, if they ever wanted to shrug off military rule.”

Singapore-Burma by My Singapore News

“The Burmese are looking at us as a materialistic country devoid of feelings. Just money and profits, no morals.”

Lets pray that this peaceful revolution will be over by The Itch To Write

“For those who believe in divinity, a quiet prayer would be the most appropriate thing to do now.”

Deafening silence or lack of precedents? By The Daily Backtrack

“For one, ASEAN owes it to itself to solve this problem- imagine how it will look to the world that we can’t even sweep out our own backyard- what kind of trade conglomerate is that, set in a region that’s always got some violent uprising or another?”

The march of the Sangha by Zuco’s Blog

“I think what bothers me the most is that our governments – the governments of ASEAN – have been mollycoddling the military regime all this while. And even to the extent of accepting the country as a member of ASEAN in 1997.”

Turning ugly by Mr Wang Says So

“Meanwhile, the Singapore government, which is also the current chairman of ASEAN, still has nothing more to say than these three sentences:”

O brave Burmese defenders by Sheep City

“The world must stand with the Burmese people at this time, to show the military rulers that the world will not tolerate repression and violence.”

Learning from the maestro by The States Times

“Singapore’s exports to Myanmar was valued at 609 million dollars, while its imports from Myanmar stood at 141.6 million dollars.”

Myanmar more democratic than Singapore? by Warblings Of A Little Bird

“Will Singapore‘s soldiers also lynch demonstrators if a demonstration became as widespread as those in Myanmar, for it was Lee Kuan Yew who said that [loosely quoting] the army would have to step in if there was a freak election?”

Myanmar’s (Burma) secret war by Singapore Sundry

“After reading the latest developments on the major news providers like Reuters and CNN, I became more interested in what happened in this secret state in Southeast Asia. So I went Youtube and found this documentary. The totalitarian rulers are really ruthless to do anything just to stay in power.”

CNA vs BBC = No fight at all by Blue Heeler

“Why bother to call yourself ‘channelnewsasia’ and have a tagline like ‘News with an Asian perspecive’ when you have such poor coverage of the most important news coming out of Asia this year?”

Time to take a stand – Open letter to George Yeo by Koh Jie Kai (theonlinecitizen)

“It is an open secret that leading members of the regime frequently travel to Singapore for pleasure and for medical treatment. This should no longer be tolerated.”

Eyewitness reports from bloggers inside Burma by Singabloodypore

“It is hard to believe the extraordinary courage of tens of thousands of Burmese people, led by Buddhist monks, who continue to protest peacefully across Burma against the savage, bestial regime which terrorises its people.”

Curfew in Yangon and prison for Suu Kyi by ash’ventures

“If only Burma‘s strongest ally, China could step out its cocoon and withdraw support to the military junta and talk some sense into them.”

Burma’s despotic regime has crossed the line in the sand by No Fear Singapore

“Unlike our politicians, we can speak the truth and call a despot a despot- not worrying whether we will have sand when Indonesia starts the embargo of sand exports again nor worry that supporting peaceful protest in Burma will mean that we can no longer tell others to “mind their own business” when they express support for Singapore’s own nascent pro-democracy forces.”

Singapore-led ASEAN must take immediate, concrete action in Myanmar to prevent bloodshed… by Singapore Patriot

“The ASEAN Summit celebrating the grouping’s 40th Anniversary is going to be held in Singapore in November. Does the Singapore Government want to lay out the red carpet for the generals whose hands are still dripping with the fresh blood of their own people?”

Burma, Saffron Revolution, and ASEAN by Singapore Sundry

“In my opinion, Singapore Government, the current Chairman of the ASEAN, should be more pro-active in forcing the Burmese junta to back down and accept the wish of all the Burmeses to restore democracy, and not just paying lip services by issuing statements through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs..”

On Burma by The Anti-Neo Democracy Theorist

“I wonder if the Singapore government would ever had the guts to impose sanctions on Burma. The government should be more clear on its involvement with Burma and take appropriate decent action.”

Country in a sad sad state by Diary Of A Singaporean Mind

“I think they regret the missed opportunities for freedom in 1960s when they traded their freedom and democratic rights for so called stability and relative prosperity allowing power to be put in the hands of various juntas…I think they understand now why democracy is important but it is almost too late.”

Notable developments in Myanmar by e pur si muove

“For ASEAN to remain to preach noninterventionism; Singapore, as the current head of ASEAN must urge the association to act or forever lose credibility in the eyes of the international stage. And for crying out loud, a Singaporean has been hurt! What more do you need to take a stronger stance than being “concerned”?”

ASEAN’s rebuke of Burma welcome but more action needed by No Fear Singapore

“I hope that this collective expression of regret is but a start of a proactive political bloc where member countries (including Singapore) which deviate from universal norms of human rights and decency are taken to task.”

Sept 27 statement by ASEAN Chair by Singapore Patriot

Singapore needs to demonstrate its leadership in this crisis, just like it did in the wake of the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Miss this boat, and we can be sure that the international community will write off both us and ASEAN as credible players in the world.”

Burma junta’s hired thugs target peaceful protest by Singapore Sundry

The junta has been using hired thugs instead of the army to crack down on dissent, even recruiting children..”

It’s time to re-think ASEAN’s policy of non-interference by What Others Say

“Why is ASEAN so ill prepared to deal with this sort of worst case scenario’s? Don’t tell me it’s wasn’t foreseeable because even my office tea lady saw it coming ten miles away. So what happened man? Why has everybody been reduced to shambolic incoherent mumblers pointing to the general direction of the UN?”

How the govt makes me hate them even more by Small Friend

“How many more lives needs to be lost before we do anything. how many more people have to die before it becomes a problem. human lives ARE NOT NUMBERS. you don’t sit down there getting your million of dollars of pay and to say that well, i need so many people to die before we do something.”

The tragedy that is Myanmar by Winter Is Coming

“The practical solutions to the problem are few and may turn out to be impractical at the end of the day. And that is a great tragedy for the people of Myanmar and for the world.”

Video clip of Japanese journalist being shot by Myanmar police by Singapore Patriot

“These are the shocking videos of the last moments of the Japanese journalist, Kenji Nagai, as he was shoved to the ground and shot at point blank by Myanmarese riot police on 27 Sep.”

What to do about Myanmar by Words Of The Lionheart

“If we are to free the people of Burma, we need to take decisive action. We need to spread the word, especially about the ties between Singapore and Myanmar. We need to pressure our governments and the world to take a stronger stance. We cannot remain silent. The time for action is now.”

Cleaning up the yard by Singapore Life And Times

“Why should the rest of the world care at all what happens to Burma if the Burmese, except its monks and students, do not want to own the problem in their own backyard?”

Humans protest by Take 1 Chance

“The fact that they are reacting now surely indicates that the peace they so yearn for can only be arrived at through certain sacrifices.”

Burma in ASEAN by Singapore Sundry

“While piggybacking Burma and with no real will to push for political change in Burma, ASEAN kept turning a blind eye to the worsening situation there. ASEAN members’ private interests ruled over efforts to bring transformation to Yangon.”

Enough is enough by Blue Heeler

“I hope that my Singaporean government is doing all that it can – as the external banker to Burma’s billions, and largest investor, and playground and hospital to millionaire generals – to help Burma avert bloodshed. I can only hope that at a time like this, Singapore can look to common-sense and not dollars-&-cents to do whatever it can to help the peaceful Burmans.”

Say it with a straight face – again by Celluloid Reality

“And then there have been reports of Burmese being told to stop wearing “Stop the Bloodshed” shirts in solidarity with their long-suffering people. A crowd of 200 Singaporeans, Burmese and foreigners is currently holding a vigil at the Burmese Embassy, and they were taped and warned to leave as it was an offence.”

Down with the Myanmar junta! by Darth Grivous’ Dark Domain

“I hope elements in the Myanmar Army with a conscience should seize power from the junta now and free Aung San Suu Kyi. She won the elections fair and square back then.”

Weekend musings by Grass In Snow

Singapore should grab this opportunity to show a decisive leadership for ASEAN to prove its relevance and credibility.”

Living proof that evil does not always triumph by No Fear Singapore

Burma, take heart. Evil does not always triumph!”

Are Myanmar protestors breaking Singapore laws? by Urbant Rant

“Would a similar event in Singapore be already crushed before the flickering flames can gather momentum to start a fire?”

Blood on our hands by Insane Poly

“Meanwhile George Yeo the current chair of Asean, whose salary is at least a few times more than UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari is seeminly quite happy to push all the responsibility to him.”

Vigil/protest outside Burmese embassy in Singapore by One Less Car

“Some people heading to the protest reportedly had their ICs scanned. Everyone was videotaped. We ignored them and continued on, and they stopped questioning us after a woman yelled at them to stop harrassing us.”

Whose side are you on, Singapore? by IZ Reloaded

“I think it’s time for Singapore to take a step back to reassess its relationship with Burma and then finally do the right thing. There are plenty of other ways for Singapore to make its money. Investing and supporting a cruel regime in our backyard is definitely not the way.”

A cruel, opportunistic comparison by Blue Heeler

“Burma may gun down the peacful protestors, but S’pore’s psychological/legality weapons against those who seek more political openness are equally effective.”

Burma – reform chance not looking good by Chemical Generation Singapore

“The issue from a Singapore angle is not whether it should do more or less, but how it should gain in prestige for itself and ASEAN in the coming weeks right till the ASEAN Summit in November, and to regain the tarnished ASEAN image since the Asian financial crisis.”

Burma Bloggers’ March by The Void Deck

“The cutting of the internet pipe is a clear sign that the Burmese military were smacked badly, staggering and wanted the blows to stop.”

When a permit is required for compassion – disgusting by Looking For LaLaLand

“When someone is saddened, grieving, worried, do you go and plant a bloody video camera straight right into his face?”

Guard dogs of St Martin’s Drive by Singapore Rebel

“About a dozen plainclothes officers have been loitering at the road’s entrance since Sunday in an attempt to intimidate members of the public from participating in a petition signing exercise outside the Burmese Embassy.”

An international experiment to support Burma by Words Of The Lionheart

“Press your leaders, through petitions, letters and other means of communication, to take a stronger stance. Singapore has the power to send a very strong, very personal message to the junta.”

Myanmar junta’s leader family reportedly in Singapore by Singapore Patriot

“This adds to a growing list of Myanmar junta leaders who have made Singapore their “home away from home”. Than Shwe himself was recently in Singapore for medical treatment, and the current prime minister, General Soe Win, has been at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) receiving treatment for leukaemia since May.”

Words are only words when blood is on our hands by Blueheeler

“With all these juicy things to dig-up on, why does our media not expose how much Singapore and Burma are linked financially to find out why our govt remains only ‘disturbed’ when the Burmese soldiers shoot at unarmed civilians, and monks? Monks, for goodness sake!”

Gambari in Myanmar by Zuco’s blog

“I don’t know if Gambari’s visit will help much. This is a regime that is so insular that it is never bothered with what the world thinks.”

The road from Singapore to Burma by The New Sintercom

“Burma knows that in Singapore, it has a loyal friend and the recent joint Asean rebuke delivered by Singapore, was just necessary rhetoric which can be easily forgotten. The next shipment of our decomissioned M16s would probably be sold to the Burmese junta at a discount as compensation.”

ASEAN vs Myanmar – too little too late by Beautiful To Behold

“ASEAN, in order to maintain her credibility, cannot and must not continue to behave like an ostrich burying its head in the desert sand, pretending to see no evil, hear no evil and do not evil! Paying lip service and hiding behind the black shadow of the lonely singular figure of Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari is simply too little too late!”



*Read also: Myanmar Regime Belongs In The Doghouse by Gerald Giam (theonlinecitizen)

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