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The YoungPAP has removed its “Night Cycling Event” item from its “Event Calendar” (sic) page on its website.

The item was previously listed in the folder “Event Calendar – YoungPAP”, under the month of July, as the event was reported to have taken place on the 28th of July, 2007.

Theonlinecitizen had previously published an article titled “In Parliament: government’s reply poorly reasoned, insulting”. (link) The article had questioned why The Workers’ Party was not allowed to conduct a cycling event while the YoungPAP was allowed to.

In the article, we had also provided a screenshot of the page which carried the item “Night Cycling”. (Picture below, click to enlarge) also has a screenshot of the page here.

Below is the original screenshot which listed the “Night Cycling” event on July 28, 2007. (Thanks to Mr Brown for keeping a copy of it!)

Close up version:

Below is a screenshot of its present listing of events, as at Sept 7, 2007 – with the July 28 Night Cycling event missing. (Click here to go to the current website page.)

In another folder of the Event Calendar page (“Event Calendar – All”), there is an event titled “Cyclethon” organized by the SW YP – which we take to mean the “South West Young PAP” branch. The cyclethon reportedly took place on the 24th of June 2006. (Click screenshot below or here to go to the current site.)

One can only wonder why The YoungPAP has removed the “Night Cycling” event from its website.


“Night Cycling and Amazing Race disappears from YPAP calendar” by Mr Brown.

“Pappy double standard erase history blunder exposed” by The Void Deck

“Young PAP exposed” by Hear Ye Hear Ye

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